If you’re like me, this is the time of year when I generally reflect and look ahead to the coming year. Though 2020 has been abnormal, to put it mildly, some traditions help to steady the ship. Here are 20 things I learned in 2020. 

  1. Given the choice between doing it alone and inviting someone in, 8 times out of 10 it’s better to invite someone in. 
  2. Community is hard to maintain, especially when you can’t go places or do things. But it’s worth it
  3. I am terrible at resting, but rest is integral to success. 
  4. A pro mindset means embracing the need to pivot. 
  5. Time can be a gift, especially when I want things to happen instantly. 
  6. I’m really into planting metaphors. 
  7. I need to meet people where they are, not where I’d like them to be. 
  8. Saying no to more is not as scary as I thought. 
  9. Busy work is where my creativity goes to die. 
  10. Saying yes to the next small, faithful step adds up to real, sustainable progress. 
  11. Nothing is wasted. 
  12. Failure is just successfully learning what doesn’t work. 
  13. People can’t read my mind. I have to ask for what I need. 
  14. My needs are worth considering. 
  15. There is no secret. There is no hack. There is only the work. 
  16. Being single is both hard and great. 
  17. Empowering singles to see their intrinsic worth and step into what God is calling them to in their current context is the best job a person could have. 
  18. Some days you need to lay on the floor and feel sad, then watch Jeopardy and take a nap. 
  19. God is gentle and kind. Even when it’s hard for me to believe. 
  20. I need more accountability than I think I do. 

What did you learn this year? Drop a comment below and let me know! 

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