In this episode, you’ll hear Sara-Mae Dafoe talk about her new EP, Letters to Ben, healing through different types of loss, learning to forgive ourselves, and finding security in friendship. Just as a heads up, there is a brief mention of abuse. Nothing explicit, but please listen with care.

Sara-Mae is an independent Singer/Songwriter from Calgary, Alberta. A life-long love of creative writing led to a deep appreciation of well-crafted, heartfelt lyrics as can be heard on her first album “Flourish” (2017) and second album “Unexpected Hallelujah” (2018). The single “Emmanuel (God With Us)” is regularly included in Christmas playlists on Christian radio stations all over the world. She recently released an EP called Letters to Ben, which is available on all streaming platforms.

You can find Sara-Mae on Instagram @saramaedafoe music and @letters_to_ben, and at and Listen to Letters To Ben wherever you steam music.

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Shout Outs: Where Do We Go From Here Podcast, Episode 40: Christians Break Up Too