In this episode, you’ll hear Bridget Eileen Rivera talk about how she got into LGBTQ advocacy work, what Christians misunderstand about pride, what queer culture can teach the church about community and chosen family, and queer platonic partnership. Just as a heads up, there is a brief mention of homophobia and suicidal thoughts in this episode. Please listen with care.

Bridget Eileen writes and speaks on faith, sexuality, and justice. Her website, Meditations of a Traveling Nun, is a leading resource on gay celibacy, attracting thousands of unique visitors every month. She has worked with a number of faith-based organizations, including Revoice, Christians for Social Action, and Preston Sprinkle’s Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender, where she contributed to the Digital Leaders Forum. Rivera is currently pursuing her PhD in sociology from the City University of New York Graduate Center.

You can find Bridget on social media @travelingnun or on her website, Pre-order her upcoming book, Heavy Burdens: Seven Ways LGBTQ Christians Experience Harm in the Church wherever you get your books.

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