Hi. I’m MaryB.

I am a writer, speaker, podcaster, and curious Christian. I translate faith-based discussions of singleness and relationships, femininity, and mental health into the absurdity of everyday life.

I read somewhere about a ballet class. The students had just purchased point shoes, satin and pristine, precious and beautiful. The teacher made them go outside and roll their brand new point shoes around in the dirt. These shoes were not meant to sit up on a shelf somewhere looking pretty. They were meant to be used. They were designed to help communicate beauty, not be beauty in and of themselves.

I like to approach my writing the same way. I take abstract Christian ideas about how we are supposed to live and I roll them around in the dirt. I like to see if they stand up to the nitty gritty of everyday life. How do they function? What are they for? Who are they for?

I ask questions about my life and my faith, the church and its leadership, culture and the world. I like to tell stories that challenge our assumptions about the Christian life. Where do those come from?

As for my profesh bio… it goes like this

MaryB. Safrit is a writer, speaker, and podcaster based in the biggest of all the apples. Her work has been featured in Fathom Magazine, Now She Rises, and The Valiant Scribe, among other publications. Her podcast, “Unsuitable with MaryB. Safrit” has been downloaded more than two thousand times. One reviewer wrote, “‘Unsuitable’ feels like chatting with friends you’ve known forever about topics we all struggle with but maybe don’t want to be vulnerable about.” MaryB. is also a speaker with nearly a decade of experience. She has spoken at churches and for organizations both domestically and internationally. Most recently, she spoke at a Redeemer Presbyterian Church Relationship Forum on the topic of “Knowing Yourself as a Key to Better Relationships.” MaryB. is currently working on her first manuscript and is currently seeking representation. Hobbies include people-watching, glaring at cars that encroach on cross-walks, and having existential crises. She currently resides on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Also, the “B” in my name is important. It’s MaryB., like Mary Ann or Mary Grace. No, there isn’t a Mary A. Yes, I’ve always been called MaryB. The B stands for Brantley, which is my middle name.

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