Friendly or Flirting?

Monday night, I co-hosted a happy hour fundraiser at the restaurant where I used to work. The proceeds were to help fund a friend’s mission trip to India. The bar area was packed with friends of friends and mutual acquaintances. As a host, I went around and talked to anyone…

Nobody Likes a Know-It-All

I have to admit that I am having trouble with these blog posts, and by extension, my articles, essays, stories, and book. I like to explain things and make connections between life experiences and faith and the Bible and stories. I like to fit things together like the puzzles that…


The Necessity of Receiving Generously I grew up in the South and have been schooled in generous hospitality. We Safrits believe in going above and beyond, then above and beyond again. Whenever my friends stayed over, from elementary through graduate school, my parents insisted on treating them to meals. When…

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