Kathryn Freeman and I talk about the fluidity of calling, calling as a series of small faithful acts, and calling as a communal act.

Kathryn is a writer, lawyer, advocate, and podcast host. She has a degree in English with a minor in Political Science from Texas A&M University, a Master of Divinity from Baylor University, and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Texas School of Law. Previously, Kathryn was the Director of Public Policy for the Texas Baptists Christian Life Commission (CLC). Kathryn has worked for several public policy non-profits and as a press secretary for two members of the Texas Legislature.

Currently, she has a consulting business that helps Christian nonprofits build advocacy programs. Kathryn is also one of the hosts of the Melanated Faith podcast. Melanated Faith is a podcast about the intersection of faith, race, and pop culture. She also writes about the intersection of faith, race, and pop culture. Her work has appeared in Christianity Today, Christ and Pop Culture, and Think Christian. Kathryn loves books, Tex-Mex, and iced coffee. She is passionate about Jesus, justice, and Beyoncé.

You can find Kathryn on Instagram @kathrynannette83, on Twitter @kathrynannette, and on her website kathrynafreeman.com. Her podcast, Melanated Faith, is available wherever you listen.

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