Episode 2.3: Debra Ayis

Debra has been a published poet and writer since the year 2005 when her poem ‘My Routine’ was published in an anthology by Anchor Books a ForwardPoetry imprint based in the United Kingdom. She has since been published in at over 100 anthologies in Canada, India, Nigeria, South Africa, U.K, U.S, and other countries. You can find out more about what she’s up to on her website:;  you can also follow her on Facebook at MsDebraAyis

In this episode, Debra starts off by sharing one of her poems. After that, we talk about her journey as a writer and as a Christian. I love how her faith infuses so much of our conversation and also her perspective on sharing her creative gift.

Episode 2.2: Christian Smeltzer

Christian is a Seattle born, midwest raised entrepreneur residing in Brooklyn. Founder and CEO of Swade incorporated, Christian has an extensive background in financial services and business management which he applies to both work and life alike. A resident of NYC for four years, he enjoys spending his time building his network, developing his hobbies and fellow-shipping with friends. You can follow Swade on Instagram @swadeapp and read more about it at Christian and I talk about Swade, working to prove something vs working out of faith, higher education, and identity.

Episode 2.1: Heidi Clark

Heidi is a copywriter, aspiring jazz singer, dad joke enthusiast, and ice cream fanatic. Heidi and I kick off Season 2 with a conversation on writing and singing, and the frustration of being underemployed in a career/productivity driven culture.

Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 drops July 2. Here’s a sneak peek of what it’s all about.

Episode 1.8: Mary B. Safrit

In the Season 1 finale, Mary B. is the interviewee. Enter into a conversation and a story about creative journey, unsuitability, faith, and singleness. Follow Mary B. on her blog at, and Instagram @maryb.safrit. On her website you can sign up for her newsletter, which will get you exclusive content, direct access to and updates on the blog, the podcast, and the book. You’ll also get a book recommendation, and a music or podcast recommendation.

Episode 1.7: Giselle Perry

Giselle is a Jersey native, an architect, and just the best. In Episode 7, we talk race, sketchy guys, her life as a PK, and unsuitability. She’s a natural story-teller who effortlessly balances humor and sucker punch profound wisdom.

Episode 1.6: Pablo Marino

Pablo is a freelance photographer (Instagram: @pablosawthese) who also works in hospitality and is in business school. In Episode 6, we talk unsuitable moments, growing up as a pastors kid in Argentina and the US, and why some youths end up leaving the church when they have the choice.

Episode 1.5: Spencer Varney

Spencer shares his story and some unsuitable moments on this episode of the Unsuitable podcast. . Buckle up, this dude has some stories.

Episode 1.4: Rachel Scola

My hilarious friend Rachel Scola works in background casting. We talk comedy/film, unsuitable moments, faith, and family.

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