Episode 3.7: Sheila Enright

Today’s conversation features Sheila Enright. Sheila is a Chicago native who works as a writer and editor in New York. When not neglecting to return her library books, she can usually be found in the nearest thrift shop.

Sheila and I talk about her faith, humility, and how those play into how she views dating. I love how well Sheila articulates her perspective on these ideas, and the role of prayer in her life.

Episode 3.6: Mark Engle

Welcome to the first interview of our next series for Season 3… Dating! We haven’t talked about dating all that much thus far, but this season, so many of my guests wanted to talk about dating experiences they’ve had. This series, you’ll hear from three awesome people about challenges they have faced in dating and how they are working through those.

First up, we have Mark Engle. Mark works in venture capital. He is a Seattle native, an opera lover, and an avid runner who lives on the Upper West Side. In this conversation, you’ll hear us talk about Mark’s path to New York, a challenging dating relationship he had a couple of years ago, and where he finds hope.

Episode 3.5 Self-Awareness Wrap-Up

Welcome to the wrap up episode for the first series of Season 3. Throughout the past four interviews, we heard each of the guests tell stories of self-awareness and growth. They each come at it from different angles, so definitely give the interviews a listen if you haven’t already. This wrap-up episode includes an unsuitable tale, insights connecting the four interviews and a story from the Bible, and how all of that is relevant to your life.

More unsuitable stories and thoughts are at

Episode 3.4 Katie Hodge

Welcome to Episode 4. This is the final interview of the self-awareness and growth themed episodes, and I can’t think of a better person to round things out for us. Katie Hodge is a graphic designer at The Public Theater. She is a fellow North Carolina native and a graduate of App State University. She loves hiking, art, and cheez-its.

On this episode, Katie and I talk North Carolina, she shares a story of feeling unsuitable as a Christian woman and we talk about accepting and growing into who we were created to be. I always love talking to Katie because she is very intuitive and an incredibly deep thinker. I know you’re going to enjoy hearing from her, too.

Episode 3.3 Jacquelynn Marie Gistarb

Today you’ll hear from Jaquelynn Marie Gistarb. Jacq loves gallivanting and exploring, as well as ministering to girls of all ages, crafting, working out, baking, missions, serving, shopping, traveling and adding pink, bows or glitter to anything she comes into contact with. Jacquelynn embarked on a journey of faith a little over five years ago that has taken her from the West coast all the way to Manhattan to be a light in dark places. Jacq currently has three devotional websites to encourage women to shine for Jesus as Matthew 5:16 states. You can follow her many adventures with the Lord by reading her weekly devotional blogs at and link to iShine in Ministry and iSparkle Teens from her debut site or book her as your wedding planner, personal stylist or lifestyle concierge through her small business, A Little Fancy (

As you can tell from her bio, Jacq is a bundle of energy. She and I talk about her life in Las Vegas and her journey to get to New York and being single in the midst of a culture that values getting married young. Jacq is fast-paced, even by New York standards, but she talks about how she was able to grow in a more laid back, suburban environment.

Episode 3.2 Susan Im

Susan Yoomin Im is a 27-year-old Korean American entrepreneur, artist, and luxury, retail, & consumer goods professional. Susan is an avid reader, learner, arts-goer and Francophile and is passionate about community, mental health, and other various social causes. She has a deep love for God. Susan is Co-founder of Fifteen Degrees, Co. Ltd, a South Korea based beauty-tech R&D startup, Founder & Creative Director of ATEM, a skincare and wellness company, and consults in creative direction, branding and strategy for international and domestic brands. In her free time, she volunteers at the Museum of Modern Art, on the hospitality team at Trinity Grace Church and as a vocalist for the worship team.

Susan and I have a great conversation about mental health, healing, and faith. I appreciate how honest she was about her struggles with living a neurological disorder and the toll that took on her mental health, but how she has learned to accept that part of herself and continue to grow through some extremely difficult experiences. Just a heads up, Susan and I talk quite a bit about depression. There’s also a brief mention of suicidal thoughts and sexual assault. If you are experiencing or have experienced any of these things, please reach out to a trusted counselor or call the National Alliance on Mental Illness hotline. 800-950-NAMI (6264)

Follow Susan and ATEM on instagram @atemlife and . ATEM’s website is and Susan blogs at

Episode 3.1 PJ Rasmussen

PJ is a composer, guitarist, and the founder of the Boardwalk Jazz band, New York’s only 21 piece band to feature four singers. PJ has headlined two national TV specials, been featured on the cover of Hot House Jazz magazine, headlined at the Four Seasons restaurant in New York, and landed two albums on the jazz charts. His band has a single coming out Dec. 6 and has a new nationally syndicated TV show (An American Christmas) airing this December, headlined by WCBS in NYC. You can pre-download Boardwalk Jazz Band’s upcoming single HERE, and stay updated on all the show information at

PJ talks about the challenges of being emotionally driven and male. We talk about how it’s affected his relationships with women, his view of himself, and how he has become aware of the positive aspects of being emotionally driven. He’s got a really interesting perspective, so let’s hear what he has to say.

Episode 2.10: Relationship Wrap Up

Welcome to the season 2 finale! Huge thanks for being here for the wrap up episode. Man, I loved these interviews on relationships and community, which were specifically Episodes 2.6-2.9. Every single one of these guests brought their A game, so if you haven’t had a chance to listen yet, go back now and check them out.

For those of you who are all caught up, let me walk you through what you’re about to hear. We’re going to start off with a story of an experience in which I felt unsuitable in community. I’m then going to walk you through some deeper implications of what I experienced while tying in insights from the four interviews in this series. We’re going to talk about this idea of privilege and how it affects our relationships, and a story of how my guy Jesus interacted with a woman who was perceived as all sorts of unsuitable. At the very end, I’ll share how you can get my very free guide, “How to Make Friends without Hating Everything.”

The story from the Bible I reference is John 4:4-42

Episode 2.9: Shawn Oates

Shawn is a Christ follower, founder of Leaf, an app that
helps you make group plans, co-host of a podcast called Two Black Sheep, and
creative director at Allen & Ade. You can follow Shawn on Instagram @soates
or @twoblacksheeplive. Leaf is available on the app store.

Shawn and I had a great conversation about his podcast, his experience growing up in a predominantly white community, the struggle to settle into his identity, and the power of having a consistent group of friends in good times and also in the midst of struggle and grief.

Episode 2.8: Cristina Spataro

Today I’m sitting down with Cristina Spataro. Cristina is a Bronx-native, she is a child psychotherapist, and she loves old movies. You’re going to hear stories from Cristina about growing up in the Bronx, growing up with physical challenges, advocating for yourself and others in relationships, how difference builds empathy, and the value of limitations. I particularly appreciate how honest Cristina is about some really challenging experiences.

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