Episode 1.3: Jennifer Bangs

Jennifer Bangs is an actor, writer, singer, and all around creative powerhouse. We talk about the show she has written and is performing, divorce, single parenthood, and friendship. Go see her show “She Bangs She Bangs” at Don’t Tell Mama on December 1. Info on her show is at , more info on Jennifer is at

Episode 1.2: Liz Avanzato

Liz is a boss with a background in linguistics and a side of touch football fierceness. In this episode, we talk baseball, living abroad, faith, and unsuitable moments.

Episode 1.1: Nana Brew-Hammond

Nana is a Ghanian-American author, editor, and fashion designer. She is also wise and has the best podcast voice. In this episode, we talk about being single, business and family, and Nana’s faith journey. Check out her website and her fashion line

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