Welcome to the final series of the season. I have three dynamite conversations for y’all that focus on the theme of work. First up is Ian Quinlan. Ian is a New York based actor who has been acting from a young age. Recently, he has worked on a couple of exciting film and TV projects including The Long Road Home, Orange is the New Black, Gotham, and Sneaky Pete, acting opposite Bryan Cranston. He’s currently shooting with Netflix on the upcoming show, Jupiter’s Legacy. Ian has also worked as an actor, director, and writer for the ABC Discovers Talent Showcase for three years. 

His notable Directing credits include: Assistant Director to Philip Seymour Hoffman in the workshop of Family for All Occasions at the Labyrinth Theater.

As a child actor he was in The Lion King on Broadway as well as the film Music of the Heart, acting opposite Meryl Streep. 

Ian and I talk about the uncertainties that come with being a working actor and the role Ian’s faith plays in how he approaches his work. I think you’ll really relate to what he shares.

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