Welcome to the series wrap-up. The last four dynamite interviews from Ian, Amber, Nina, and Petra focused on work, but there were themes of story, communication, and connection running through all of them. They shared a ton of wisdom on how their faith informs their work, so go back and listen if you haven’t yet.

I’m going to shake things up a bit for this wrap-up, so I’d love your thoughts and comments on what style you like better… or if you like the variety. Today, I’m going to posit and explore a question that ran through all four episodes of this series. At the end, I’ll tie in how all of this helps you in your everyday life, but for the first part, I’d love to take the opportunity to dig in together. 

The question: What is the role of story-telling in the age of information?

References for this episode in order of appearance: Tell it Slant by Eugene Peterson; The Two Towers film; “Jesus Is a Jew” by David Brooks; “On Fairy Stories” by J.R.R. Tolkien, “Stir the Imagination, One Sermon at a Time” by Abraham Cho; The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman