The Creative Refresh


Helping single Christian creatives move from overwhelmed to empowered

You are a single Christian creative with passion, vision, and purpose.

You know your calling. You love pursuing your work faithfully. But you have a problem. The moment you sit down to do the work, doubt creeps in and that same old track starts up--Who are you to do this work? You’re not talented enough. Nobody's going to want what you're making. You’ll never have the support you need, so you might as well give up.  

Spending so much time in your own head, it’s easy to let these messages play on repeat. It’s easy to get lost in the thousands of decisions you have to make on your own on a daily basis: What projects to pursue and when. When to ask for help and when to do it yourself. Where to get the kind of consistent emotional support your married friends seem to have.

If you’re tired of struggling to make progress on your own, frustrated by trying to apply generic course material to your reality, and overwhelmed by the number of decisions you face alone on a daily basis, it's time for a refresh. It's time you had guidance, accountability, and support. It's time you learned tools specific to your context. Welcome to The Creative Refresh. 

Through this six-week program, you’ll create a sustainable vision for your creative calling. You’ll get the tools you need to overcome self-doubt, ask for help and set boundaries, and make decisions and pivot when things don’t work out like you hoped. If you’re tired of feeling like you’ve been left alone to figure out the single Christian creative life, The Creative Refresh is for you. 

Did you know that if you write down your goal, you’re 40% more likely to meet it? If you share that goal with another person, that stat goes up to 65%.* In this program, yes, you'll get the time and space to write down your goals and dreams. Yes, you'll get the information you need to make progress. But most importantly, you’ll get a group of collaborators who are just as passionate about and committed to their creative calling as you are. And, of course, you’ll get me.


Meet Your Coach

Hey, I’m MaryB. I am passionate about helping single Christian creatives overcome self-doubt so they are freed to do the work they were made for. I have been coaching Christian leaders for eight years, focusing specifically on singles for the past two. As singles, it can feel like we’ve been left to figure things out on our own. I’ve been there, and I’m here to help you hold both the joy and challenges of being a single Christian creative as you serve God in exciting ways. No matter what the church has said about you, or even what you believe about yourself, you are a valued member of the body of Christ who is invited into full participation in the work of the Kingdom. I’m here to show you how to live out of that truth and build sustainable practices that will serve you in any season. Think of me as your built-in teammate. 

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been in it for years, we could all use a refresh, some direction, and other humans to help us see what we can’t. 

Join me for six weeks and learn how to move from overwhelmed to empowered as you live out the calling God has given you.


What's Included? 

  • A weekly group coaching call with teaching and Q&A 
  • A private Facebook group to engage with other group members and me 
  • A "Noodle Book" to guide you through the content and process
  • An “Eyes on the Prize” page to complete as you progress, then hang on the wall of your creative space 
  • A community of like-minded creatives and collaborators 
  • And a couple of surprises

This Program Is for You if... 

  • You’re still reading this.
  • You are a single Christian creative looking for community and practical help.
  • You are tired of spinning your wheels and getting knocked down by self-doubt.
  • You are worn down and looking to implement new, sustainable practices
  • You’re committed to the work of growing your creative gifts.
  • You love the idea of collaboration but don’t know where to start.
  • You could use a group of people in your corner.

This program is not for you if you're looking for a magic solution that doesn't involve work, commitment, and group engagement. But you know that's not how it works, right? 


How Much?

This six-week program is $197. It includes six group coaching calls with exclusive teachings and free-for-all Q&A sessions. A private Facebook group to ask questions and celebrate each others’ wins. A "Noodle Book" to guide you through the process and keep a written record of what you learn and discover. And so much more!


When Is It? 

Registration is currently closed for this round of The Creative Refresh, but click below to join the waitlist! That way you'll be in the loop. 


*stats from the American Society of Training and Development

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