Unsuitable Creatives

A variety show featuring single, Christian creatives

Human beings are wired to be with one another. In a cultural moment when we feel isolated and fractured, how do we connect authentically and deeply? We wonder if we are the only ones struggling, but it feels vulnerable to share. 

Most of us have been feeling relational lack more acutely these days. One thing that makes us feel less alone (and builds community) is shared experience. When we give voice and open up conversation on a commonality, it can create a tangible feeling of connection.

Enter Unsuitable Creatives

Unsuitable Creatives is a curated, cohesive performance in which multi-passionate creatives explore a timely topic. This never-to-be-repeated experience features original work by talented creatives who happen to be unmarried and Christian.

Our first event was on the cure for loneliness. Here’s what guests loved about the event. 

Great variety of performers and flow of show. Always great to see creatives really giving their all in their craft on stage.

It was a fun evening with a chance to make new friends and solid entertainment.

Was a fun actual variety variety show! loneliness is relatable (lol, irony?)

Our next variety show will take place Saturday, November 12 at 8 PM in Midtown East. The theme? The search for home. Tickets will go on sale October 28. Follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss out! 

Promote Your Business

It can be challenging to ensure marketing efforts are reaching your target demographic. Because our event is so niche, all performers and most attendees are single Christians. Audience members represent several churches across the NYC area.

Our variety show features performances by talented creatives who are all unmarried and Christian. Marketing efforts target my own audience, which is primarily made up of single Christians, as well as the followers of the six other performers. Because our event is designed to attract singles but isn’t a “singles event,” it is an approachable, low-pressure evening that facilitates connection. 

At our next variety show, we plan to sell 50 tickets. There will also be seven volunteers and seven performers. 

Below you’ll find our sponsorship package options. If none of those strike your fancy, we can come up with something custom! We’d love to feature your business and point our people your way. Email maryb @ marybsafrit.com to partner with us.