Unsuitable with MaryB. Safrit

The podcast where I interview single Christians to broaden the conversation on singleness in the church.

Have you ever felt unsuitable? It’s that feeling you get when you walk into a room and wonder, Wait… do I fit here? I’ve been derping around the church my whole life, and since “coming of age,” I’ve felt it more and more as I’ve remained single. When I started looking for content and resources for single Christians, I noticed a whole lot of married folks talking about how to get un-single. I noticed that a ton of it focused on dating. I started to wonder, What about the rest of my life and how it’s impacted by the fact that I’m single? 

Where was the stuff that treated me like a whole human person with a whole human life–filled with things that are hard and things that are great? 

It was time to create a broader conversation on singleness in the church. It was time to expand our imagination for what’s possible for the single, Christian life. 

On this podcast, we interview Christians who are not married about friendship, intimacy, church life, calling, sexuality, and a whole host of other stuff. We hear from guests at all sorts of intersections of singleness–LGBTQ+ guests, BIPOC guests, divorced guests, single parents, and more. We’re asking big questions, exploring deep topics, and having a blast and a half.

To rewrite the inaccurate stories we tell ourselves—the ones that say we’re unsuitable—is to first hear that someone else has already done it. That it can be done. And then the story becomes, I can do it, too

Welcome, fellow single Christian. This was made for you. Pull up a chair and join the conversation. 

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If you’re single and you’ve been in the church for more than approximately five minutes, you’ve probably noticed it’s low to high-key obsessed with marriage. This can make singles feel like outsiders in the community where we should feel most at home.

That’s why we’ve started a Patreon community.

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