Hi, I’m Mary B. Safrit.

Welcome to the Unsuitable Podcast. 

It seems like everyone and their dog has a podcast these days. So why have I joined the fray? It’s really the same reason I became a writer… I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

I wanted a podcast that featured humanizing and dignifying conversations with real life Christian singles about their lives and faith.

Enter the Unsuitable Podcast. In many areas of life, we can feel unsuitable… that nagging feeling that you don’t quite fit, or that you’re out-of-place. Being single in the church rings that bell. It comes with all sorts of inferences, like if you’re single past 23 there must be something wrong with you. I’m here to break down those walls and biases by providing you with honest discussions with some of the coolest people I know… which at this point means the few friends I’ve been able to convince to open up in front of a microphone. It’s weird how many people don’t want to spill their guts for anybody to hear. No matter. For now I have enough brave souls to get us off the ground.

For a more meaty description of what this podcast is all about, check out my blog called An Unsuitable Explanation, or listen to the Season 1 Trailer.

“Unsuitable with Mary B. Safrit” is available wherever you get your podcasts.