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I have to admit that I was not super stoked about the idea of making a blog. I love writing, don’t get me wrong. But when I emerged into the world of professional writing, my fellow writers informed me that a blog is somewhat necessary. Something about building a platform and a following, setting myself up to publish my book, establish myself as an authority on my topic, build credibility…

I am a little unclear, though, how I’m supposed to write three blogs a week (which is what I believed to be the bare minimum) on the same topic as my book (singleness) without it turning into a diary, which none of us want. Also, that’s a lot. It seems like y’all are all busy enough, and so am I, and three blogs a week is so much commitment OH MY GOSH. *slips into the fetal position and breathes into a paper bag*

But writers must blog, because…

Image result for gif that's what people do

So here’s your blog.

In all seriousness, I am excited to flex my writing muscles and share my life with y’all ONCE a week, because let’s set reasonable expectations. I realized that I can write about singleness without making you want to dive into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, weeping into your cat’s fur as she struggles to free herself from your clutching embrace. Since I’m a Christian single living in New York, I’ll be sharing stories, some funny and simple, some vulnerable and deep. I will share resources that have been helpful to me.

I realize that I can tell you stories… from my life… and because I’m single it will be a blog about singleness. Right?

I’ll also go ahead and let you know that I’m not the girl who has been planning for her marriage since day one. I can’t regale you with tales of weird first dates or Christian Mingle drama, because I don’t…. how do I phrase this… date. It’s complicated. I’m writing a book about it. BUT I do live a full and vibrant life filled with plenty of other peaks and valleys. So don’t worry. There’s plenty of fodder for your morbid curiosity


Also, just so you know, there is a whole tumblr page dedicated to Sherlock gifs, which is where I found this gem. You’re welcome.



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Vicki Morris
Vicki Morris

Great job Mary B. Can not wait for more. The direction you go with your writing is easy to follow and relate to.

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