What Are You Even Doing??

It occurred to me that some of you might have some questions about what I’m doing and why… You might be thinking, Marebs, you studied music and now you have this blog… I’m confused. 

When you read my blog or wander around my website or pass me on the street, I want to make sure you, my dear readers, know what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and how important you are.

So here’s the deal. I moved to New York ready to take on the audition circuit. Something I didn’t count on, however, was almost immediately getting burnt out from all of the pressure I was putting on myself and on my voice. I was also dealing with some sinus issues and some serious neck tension. I was also coming off of grad school and an intense six week opera training program in Austria. Also, did I want to be an opera singer? But switching music theatre didn’t magically fix any of my issues.

It’s not that I suddenly didn’t want to sing. I literally couldn’t bring myself to do it.

So during my six month break from singing, I started writing.

I have always “written” in some capacity. Whether it was journaling, or writing a paper, or writing a song, it has always been my way to process and put life things in order. I also read constantly, so I knew more than I thought I did just by product of reading widely and often. So I started writing.

I wrote random thoughts and fleshed them out into essays, which turned into chapters, which has now turned into a book.

When I started out, I had zero intention of writing a real book that anyone would ever read, much less something marketable. But here we are.

I still sing, but on my terms. Now that it doesn’t carry the pressure of my livelihood, it’s actually enjoyable again.

Here’s the coolest thing about all this, which I had almost nothing to do with… the timing of this book on this topic could not be more perfect. In the Christian non-fiction world, you have to be super niche because there are just so many writers. I started writing on the topic of singleness (specifically how the church’s current rhetoric about singleness affects women) because I couldn’t find a book that was exactly what I wanted to read. The topic is gaining traction, but it is not yet over-saturated. There are authors who have come before me who have cleared a trail, but not so many that the topic is worn out.

If I’m smart and savvy, if I keep pushing, I might actually be able to be a for real published author.

Click HERE to read more about my book.

But HOW do I get published?

Because I am a first-time author in the non-fiction world, I need to bring more than my winning personality to the table. I have to have a following, a digital platform.

So I started a blog. I’m sending out a newsletter every week to keep people interested and excited. I’m starting a podcast (Coming sometime in September). I’m trying to book speaking gigs.

Everything I do, from the content I produce to my social media posts, is an intentional effort to get build my “platform.”

So basically, I’m depending on all of you to like and read what I put out. You’re crushing it so far, by the way. According to people who know things about marketing, my numbers are stellar.

In just the two short months since my website and blog launched, I have badgered 110 people into subscribing to my newsletter. My social media followers have continued to grow, and I’ve gotten more confident in talking about my work with anybody who will listen.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for subscribing. Thank you for asking good questions.

Writing is lonely and scary work. But when you open my newsletter, when you read my blog or like a post, you make it a little bit less scary. You also make me more attractive to agents and publishers in the future.

That being said, I’m still new and learning and growing. When I say I’m open to feedback and comments, I mean it! I have a friend who replies to my newsletters and tells me when my links aren’t working. I have another friend who suggested I play around with my Newsletter subject line. If you have a comment, you can just reply to newsletter, or click here to send me a message, or comment on any of my blog posts!

Exciting things are on the horizon, and I am pumped to share them with all of you.

Thanks for reading.

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Barbara Hotelling
Barbara Hotelling

I love reading when the writing is exemplary. I read, out loud, all Harry Potter books to my children because in my mind she wasted no words and created great images in my mind. I see the same qualities in your writing. So I was not coerced into subscribing. I simply wanted more. I’m looking forward to your next posts as you discover yourself more. Believe me it is a lifelong pursuit. I’ve had to repurpose myself many times in this life and am still in a new process of discovery. Keep Calm and Flourish.

Vicki Morris
Vicki Morris

You are nailing it Mareb. Your writing is captive. I am always waiting for what is next and the content is attractive to young and old. Keep up the good work. Can not wait for the book!

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