Welcome to the brand new, extra fresh, oh so amazing blog series I’ve cooked up just for you.   

For most of my life, I have equated love with niceness and doing whatever anyone asks me to do. Either that or it’s this sappy, over-the-top romantic feeling that makes you kind of insane. Bless.

In true Marebs fashion, I have decided to dig into it in the most endearingly existential way, with plenty of winsome humor and thought-provoking questions. Many have covered this topic, so how is my approach any different? How could this slightly feral farm child contribute to what’s already out there? 

First of all, thanks for asking that question. Prouda you for being an inquisitive and discerning consumer of content. 

Each week, I will focus on a specific quality associated with love and help you think more deeply about how we express it in our everyday lives. To me, love can feel like this big, amorphous idea that we assign meaning to depending on the context. How we see and experience love can easily be influenced by how we have experienced it in our lives and relationships. (Just as a reminder, in all my work, I define “relationships” broadly to encompass romantic relationships, friendships, professional relationships, family dynamics, etc.) Have you ever been hurt by someone who thought they were being loving? Have you had someone reject an expression of love? Who hasn’t, honestly? 

So, for the next 8 weeks, I’m going to lead you through some stories of yours truly whiffing it and what I learned to ask myself and my relationships in the process. I’ll posit questions for you to consider, and we will all come out on the other side with a more nuanced understanding of these big ideas we use to describe this even bigger idea of love. 

Can’t wait to dig in with y’all starting next week!  

Picking up what I’m putting down?

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