Filling the gap between what the church offers and what single Christians need.

Church can be weird for those of us who aren’t married. I’m here to help. I encourage and equip single Christians to step into their God-given callings in their right-now lives.

Weddings can be weird when you’re single.

If you have a friend’s wedding coming up and it’s bringing up all kinds of feelings, let’s hash it out with some journal prompts. 

Let’s take a beat together and set you up well for that upcoming wedding. 

This isn’t a book about how to get un-single. This is a book about how to navigate a culture obsessed with marriage as a human who is not married. From the unwanted advice about our relationship status to the unspoken pressures of singleness, it can feel like no one knows what to do with us. These experiences are so common, we might start to wonder if we’re the weird ones. 

The Single Christian’s Church Survival Guide was created by MaryB. Safrit, an actual single person, for single Christians who would like everyone to calm down about their singleness, please and thank you. Each chapter breaks down a common scenario, why it’s weird, and contextual response options. It also includes reflection questions and space to noodle on response strategies. 

If you’re done accepting the same tired interactions that leave you discouraged and disempowered, this guide is for you.