Oh hello.

I’m Marebs.

I’m a communicator, creator, and coach based in the biggest of all the apples. I help single Christians find purpose and belonging in their right-now lives through reflection, connection, and direction. 

If you’re here, it’s probably because you noticed that the church seems to be aggressively into marriage. And because that isn’t your current reality, and might never be, it can seem like there’s no place for you. Whether it’s the non-stop sermon illustrations about the pastor’s spouse and kids, that random old lady who keeps asking why you’re single, or the fact that most resources offered are geared toward married folks, you’re about over it. 

Whether you’ve given up on church, have one foot out the door, or would never consider leaving, I’m here to fill in the gap between what the church offers and what you need. Let’s be honest—nobody knows if marriage is or isn’t in our future. You’re here because you think that your life is more than a waiting room for marriage. You have big dreams, and you need some resources specific to your experience to help you get there. 

I know this, because that’s me, too. I was tired of reading things that assumed I lived and breathed for my future spouse. I began to wonder how we might reimagine what it means to talk about singleness, to live full lives as single Christians, and how all that fits into what the church was created to be. 

Pull up a chair, and let’s explore and imagine together. 

I’m rooting for you. 

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